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the new protective super food

The benefits of drinking milk and consuming more calcium rich foods.

hearing impairment — easier to correct than ever

Different kinds of hearing aids are suited to the specific type and intensity of hearing loss.

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your backyard — a hidden sanctuary

Consider installing privacy fencing in your backyard to create a hideaway.

love where you live

Retirement living in the 21st century.

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it’s only rock ’n’ roll… but I still like it!

Eddie Collins shares special memories from the past 50+ years music.

the archies - sweet as sugar

The Archies have endured for more than 40 years in our collective pop-culture consciousness.

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social security—

to take it and how to take it, that is the question.

entrepreneurs need a business-first banking mentality

Money management is a critical aspect of successfully running your home-based business


deb olsen - finding herself and music

She learned to play the drum kit in her 40s on a bit of a whim.


up the river to serve a cause

Mike Donnelly’s job was ferrying everything from ammunition to beer to the American forces at Danang.


captivating cardiff, wales

The most popular visitor destination in Wales.


you are what you eat

Navigating the produce aisle at the grocery store can be an overwhelming experience for the conscious consumer. What are the healthiest choices?


caregiver agreements: a two-way street

Here are five important ways a caregiver agreement can help your family.


how a geriatric care manager can help

Helping to plan and coordinate the care of the elderly and/or disabled.


car craze — two area men’s passion for the ‘boss’

When car buffs talk about “American muscle,” Mustang, the car that originated the term “pony car,” had its own high-performance version-the Boss 302.





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