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boomers find new ways to stay fit

More and more baby boomers are putting on their sneakers and sweats and heading to the gym

what is your skin telling you?

Some skin conditions are considered a normal part of aging, while others may be a sign of a health problem.

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will your roof pass the seasons test?

Protecting you and your investment with preventive maintenance.

creating beautiful outdoor living space

Transform your outdoor living space into a relaxing work of art.

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shirley jones - a cinderella life

With a her autobiography, Shirley Jones: A Memoir, she reveals her true self.

patsy cline - the legend lives on

Even 50 years after her tragic death, her fans continue to keep her memory alive.

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protecting your credit score

Proactive steps to take to weather the financial changes when facing a gray divorce.

paying for nursing home care

Can children be held responsible? Check out the facts regarding financial obligations.


vintage minis spark collector's passion

Joe Whitely has a passion for Minis, and currently owns 3 of these fun rides.


they were soldiers once ... and young

Jay Snyder was a young man of 20 when he volunteered his service in the U.S. Army.



Anguilla is known for its beautiful beaches and broad culinary options.


door county, wisconsin

Fish boils, cheese curds, kayaks, and theatre: there's a lot more to Door County than cheese!


a healthy breakfast and a healthy weight

Eating a nutrient-dense breakfast may help you lose weight and keep it off. Get the recipe for Skillet Eggs and Polenta to get you started.


caregiver agreements: a two-way street

Here are five important ways a caregiver agreement can help your family.


how a geriatric care manager can help

Helping to plan and coordinate the care of the elderly and/or disabled.


the beatles — a 50-year love affair

It was the beginning of the British invasion, and The Beatles had no idea the mark they would leave on music and American culture.





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