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orthopedics & pain: 3 helpful articles

vitamin k deficiency

A (solvable) problem for bone and heart health

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room revivers

Increase the long-term value of your home with flooring and paint updates.

bringing the outside indoors

Making Patio Space an Extension of the Home

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it's all crimson and clover for tommy james

Get the inside scoop on his strong Mafia ties, the Shondells, and his revealing book.


The TV comedy of witches, warlocks, and mortal humans.

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retiring soon? don't forget the tax implications

Once you start to collect or withdraw retirment funds, they become income.

keep winter energy bills in check

Tips to trim costs and make your home more energy efficient


when you're not ready to slow down

Active adult communities may be your answer.


eye in the sky over viet nam

Randy Mason shares his experience in the air force in Viet Nam, and his current VFW involvement.


san antonio sparkles

River walk, market square, and an abundance of history make this a great vacation destination.


manly crafting - gift giving during the holidays

There's nothing like receiving a homemade gift. See how one man has made a delicious tradition of it.


multiple medications: combating the rise of ‘polypharmacy’

Tips on drug safety and pharmacy relationships.


keeping holiday expectations real after losing a loved one

Keeping traditions and understanding grief.


toy trains - time machines

Russ MacNair has a collection of hundreds of immaculate lionel toy trains, an interest he inherited from his father.





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