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boomers in the outdoors

The old cliché of being sedentary after 50 has been changed.

aging increases risk of certain visual limitations

As we age, our eyes become more prone to conditions that impact sight.

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a kitchen the second time around

Beth Glass wanted to make the kitchen in her new home feel more like hers.

finding satisfaction in volunteering

Andre Weltman became a volunteer by accident.

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florence larue and the dimension of her life

Lead female vocalist and the only original member to continue through 5th Dimension's nearly 50-year history.

vinyls make a strong resurgence

The vinyl LP might, in fact, outlive the compact disc.

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gifting inter vivos

It is a good idea to consider the tax implications of gifting assets as part of estate planning.

three steps to taking control of your investments

Investor optimism has steadily climbed, investors are managing their own investment portfolios.


what boomers are looking for in retirement living

Retirement communities: your options are greater—and more modern—than ever before.


engage as you age

Tips to happily retiring as a couple.


duty, discipline, and doubts

Collins Lunger admits conflicting feelings when it comes to his service in the Vietnam War.


riding the rails

Thousands of people use some type of train to commute to their jobs or to school in major metropolitan areas. But there’s more to train travel than commuting; it’s also a great way to reach a travel destination.


give up gluten, but not all grains

Whether for medical reasons or by choice, consumer interest in gluten-free foods is on the rise.


caregiving today: a snapshot

Who are the caregivers and recievers?


safe at home

As the baby boomers age, so do their parents.


remembering the milkman

Folks would begin the day by opening their doors to retrieve bottles of milk, fresh from the farm, just waiting to be enjoyed by adults and children alike.





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